Your Visit

Let’s tear it up together in our new home.


MCC Theater’s COURTYARD ENTRANCE is located on 52nd ST, WEST of 10th AVE and just past the COMMUNITY GARDEN. You can also access our courtyard entrance via the 10th AVE open-air walkway, midway between 52nd / 53rd ST, right across from the PS 111 playground.

The STAGE DOOR is located on 53rd ST, WEST of 10th AVE. This is where you can go to snap selfies and get autographs signed. Please note that there is NO AUDIENCE ENTRY at the 53rd ST STAGE DOOR.

Please note: Children under the age of four are not permitted into the theaters. THE ROBERT W. WILSON MCC THEATER SPACE is a non-smoking facility. This includes entrances to the building as well the courtyard entrance and corridor to 10th AVE.