Public Engagement & Education

Let’s break it down together.

Driven by our mission to provoke conversations, we are committed to creating a space where the public can come together around conversations that matter. Using the power of theater to ask the most essential questions of our times, our PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT and EDUCATION programs break down barriers and embolden audiences and students to deepen their CURIOSITY and find confidence in THEIR VOICES.

Youth voices matter and creating an inclusive space where everyone’s stories are heard can inspire change in ourselves and in society.

MCC’s education mission is to help young people develop their ARTISTIC VOICES as well as the desire to speak out and the courage to be heard. Since 1999, MCC has used the power of theater to STOKE IMAGINATIONS, excite minds, and foster a collaborative and creative community for New York City high school students across all five boroughs. Using acting, improvisation, movement, playwriting, script analysis, and other theater skills, we crack open texts in exciting new ways that EMBOLDEN students with new knowledge and CONFIDENCE to express themselves freely, provoke and engage in conversations with each other, and apply what they’ve learned to their every-day lives.

With decades of experience under our belts, we know how theater can unlock the CREATIVE POWER of young minds. Our programs foster rigorous and supportive environments where trained theater professionals EMPOWER students with skills to embrace and develop their creative voice and the courage to speak up and be heard, take risks, and provoke conversations that have never happened.

Our programs transform the lives of more than 1200 New York City students every year, cultivating in them a deep appreciation for the arts and its power to engage and affect change.

Even if our students don’t pursue careers in the arts, the interpersonal skills, teamwork, confidence, and social poise they learn while engaging in theater will help them find success in whatever career paths they may choose to follow.

“As a member of the MCC YOUTH COMPANY, ever day I felt more and more empowered knowing that MY VOICE , my perspective was being heard.”

-Julissa Contreras, MCC YOUTH COMPANY Alum


“MCC was born out of an impulse by a group of artists to CHALLENGE and LEARN from one another. The tenets of COLLABORATION and COMMUNITY were central to our work then and remain at the heart of everything we do today.”

-Will Cantler, Co-Artistic Director