Public Engagement & Education

Let’s break it down together.

Driven by our mission to provoke conversations, we are committed to using the power of theater to ask some of the essential questions of our times. 

Our PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT programs invite audiences to delve deeper into our onstage work as well as build bridges across our community artistically and geographically. Connect with us and each other. 


Our EDUCATION programs break down barriers to embolden students and young audiences to deepen their CURIOSITY and find confidence in THEIR VOICES; helping to build the next generation of theater makers and lovers. 


TAKE A VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP – With our new Virtual Student Matinee, we are able to reach students near and far. For the very first time we are offering the best of two programs, our theatrical productions and our educational workshops. Find out more by visiting our Virtual Student Matinee page. 

“As a member of the MCC YOUTH COMPANY, ever day I felt more and more empowered knowing that MY VOICE , my perspective was being heard.”

-Julissa Contreras, MCC YOUTH COMPANY Alum


Audience members of all generations have emboldened our work with VIBRANT DISCUSSIONS, debates, and reflections that spill out of the theater and fill the streets and continue to reverberate throughout New York City and beyond.

“MCC was born out of an impulse by a group of artists to CHALLENGE and LEARN from one another. The tenets of COLLABORATION and COMMUNITY were central to our work then and remain at the heart of everything we do today.”

-Will Cantler, Co-Artistic Director