Who We Are

Let's tear it up together.

Founded in 1986 as MANHATTAN CLASS COMPANY, MCC began as a collective of young actors, writers, and directors determined to steer their own artistic development and redefine the NYC theater scene with the kind of stories they wanted to see on the stage. That work continues today in Hell’s Kitchen at THE ROBERT W. WILSON MCC THEATER SPACE, a creative hotbed where our ARTISTS, STAFF, and STUDENTS have the freedom to stir things up, all under one roof.

“I thank MCC for giving me my start, and also giving me my foundation… They showed me what FRIENDSHIP and COMMUNITY can build.”

-Marisa Tomei, MCC Alum

“MCC was born out of an impulse by a group of artists to CHALLENGE and LEARN from one another. The tenets of COLLABORATION and COMMUNITY were central to our work then and remain at the heart of everything we do today.”

-Will Cantler, Co-Artistic Director