Internship Opportunities

MCC Theater is currently not offering internships, as we reframe what a more equitable internship program can look like. Please continue to check our website for updates.

MCC Theater interns gain a broad perspective on the day-to-day work environment of a non-profit Off-Broadway theater company, as well as a detailed understanding of how their specific department operates. We work with our interns to develop their individual strengths and to give them interesting work that will help them grow.

MCC Theater internships are unpaid, but alternative benefits include:

  • Two complimentary tickets to each MCC production, plus access to first preview, staff rate tickets and standby seating.
  • Access to creative team meet & greets, first preview performance and party, and volunteer opportunities at the Miscast gala
  • Opportunities to attend all open readings for plays under consideration at MCC Theater
  • Regular sit downs with education staff


To apply for an internship in any department listed, please email a cover letter and resume to:

Make sure to attach any supplementary materials, if requested in the internship description.

Please include the department(s) you are interested in working with in the subject line.
For example: “Development/ Marketing Internship – Alex Smith”

You will receive email verification when your application is received. Feel free to email with any further questions.

Application Deadlines:

  • We are not accepting internship applications at this time

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MCC provide remote internship opportunities?
We have provided remote opportunities for our Spring 2020 interns to work remotely, in response to COVID-19. The locations of our internship opportunities will rely on what the world looks like in Fall 2020.  Please check back in with us for updates.

Can I receive academic credit for the internship?
Yes, interns can receive course credit for their work with MCC Theater. We ask interns to coordinate this process with their respective schools and we will work with them to meet the requirements and complete the necessary paperwork.

I am interested in more than one internship. What do I do?
Feel free to list the departments you’re interested in order of your priorities within your cover letter and in the subject line of your application email. There is often crossover between departments, especially at this time, where we will need “all hands on deck,” and interns will thus have the opportunity to interact with other departments. Please make sure you attach your supplemental materials (writing or graphic design sample) for any department you are interested in, if required.

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