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The Money Shot by Neil LaBute
Punk Rock by Simon Stephens

The Nether by Jennifer Haley
Permission by Robert Askins

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Sep 4–Oct 19, 2014 | World Premiere
At the Lucille Lortel Theatre
by Neil LaBute
directed by Terry Kinney

with Gia Crovatin, Elizabeth Reaser, Callie Thorne, Fred Weller
Karen and Steve are glamorous movie stars with one thing in common: desperation. It’s been years since either one’s had a hit, but the latest movie by a hot shot European director could change that. The night before filming a big scene (that will undoubtedly assure them a spot back on the pop culture radar), Karen, her partner Bev, Steve, and his aspiring actress wife Missy meet in order to make an important decision: how far will they let themselves go to keep from slipping further down the Hollywood food chain?

The Money Shot reunites MCC Theater’s Playwright-in-Residence Neil LaBute with director Terry Kinney (reasons to be pretty) for a hilarious and insightful comedy about ambition, art, status and sex in an era--and an industry--where very little is sacred and almost nothing is taboo. The cast featuresElizabeth Reaser (The Twilight Saga, “The Good Wife”); Gia Crovatin (reasons to be pretty, Reasons to be Happy at LA Theatreworks); Golden Globe-nominee Callie Thorne ("Necessary Roughness," The Last Days of Judas Iscariot); and MCC Alum Fred Weller (Mothers and Sons). Learn more

Oct 29–Dec 14, 2014 | New York Premiere
Punk RockAt the Lucille Lortel Theatre
by Simon Stephens
directed by Trip Cullman
with Pico Alexander, Lilly Englert, Annie Funke,
David Greenspan, Colby Minifie, Will Pullen,
Noah Robbins, Sophie Shapiro, Douglas Smith

In a private school outside of Manchester, England a group of highly-articulate seventeen year-olds flirt and posture their way through the day while preparing for their A-Level mock exams. With hormones raging and minimal adult supervision, nothing can mask the underlying tension that becomes increasingly pronounced as the clock ticks towards the ultimate dismissal.

Inspired by playwright Simon Stephens’ (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Harper Regan) own experiences as a teacher, Punk Rock is an unnerving chronicle of contemporary adolescence at the breaking point.

The NetherFeb 4–Mar 29, 2015 | New York Premiere
At the Lucille Lortel Theatre
by Jennifer Haley
directed by Anne Kauffman

with Sophia Anne Caruso, Peter Friedman,
Ben Rosenfield, Merritt Wever, Frank Wood
There is a new immersive realm for the senses online, a virtual playground where those who plug in are coaxed into acting out their darkest fantasies--with no consequences in the “real” world. Or so it seems… until a young female detective begins an investigation to determine if there is a point at which thought or intention may actually constitute a crime within--and outside of--this new frontier.

Winner of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, Jennifer Haley’s The Nether is a haunting thriller that will make you question when the fantastic becomes too real. Featuring Emmy® Winner Merritt Wever (“Nurse Jackie”), Tony® Winner Frank Wood (Side Man), and Peter Friedman (Circle Mirror Transformation).

PermissionApr 29–Jun 7, 2015 | World Premiere
At the Lucille Lortel Theatre
by Robert Askins
directed by Alex Timbers

Eric and Cyndy are looking for some direction. They’ve decided to follow the lead of their friends Zach and Shelley and make the real life practice of Christian Domestic Discipline the foundation of their marriage. But restructuring their lives and their union according to role play and a new moral code upends everything they knew--and took for granted--about one another, their friends, and more importantly, who really holds the power.

Robert Askins returns to MCC Theater following the critically-acclaimed Hand to God with this new comedy about our all-too-human impulse to make order out of the chaos of modern relationships.

* Schedule and programming subject to change.

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